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1. Church planting:

Church planting is our main focus. As our Lord said in Mathew 16:15-20," …Upon this rock, I will build my Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". The church is built of people from every nation, every tribe, and every tongue and from all the corners of the earth. Here is a big state called Bihar with innocent people of different culture and who worship some unknown God's of pagan traditions in a mean way. And we believe that this people also need the love of God. Church is God's extended hand to bless this people. We take the Word of God seriously and committed to fulfill the Great Commission as any way possible.

God enabled us to establish two churches and an out station work is also began.

2. Bible distribution :

We distribute bibles and other literature all throughout the state of Bihar. Already we have distributed more than 20000 of New Testament bible in the villages and schools. We believe the Word of God is the only solution for the problems today. Families are broken and lacking peace all around.
Politicians and others in the society offers many solutions, but all in vain. The more they try to reduce the issues, the worst it ends up in. Nobody can ever offer any permanent remedy , but God and His Word.

That's where we find the importance of the bible literature. We have seen miracles after miracles in this area. Literature plays an important role to bring harmony and peace in the society. When it is the Word of God, it brings ultimate results.


Singing song in the street corners attract the villagers. Its one major tool we use to evangelize the villagers. Though it brings little rivalry, it gives opportunity to meet with many villagers, it's also effective. Simple messages from the Bible touch the heart of the people and they surrender their lives. It is thrilling and challenging.

4. Child Evangelism :

Children are the future leaders of any society in the world. We have heard of great leader saying something like this. "If you give children of four to 8 years, I will make them Communist" . Children are the asset of the nations.

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it" Proverb 22:6. If you can mould them at their young age, they will be a blessing to the nation.

We would like to evangelize them with the love of God. We use different media for that, like puppet show, music, movie, Children's fest, Sunday schools, counseling and other literature.

5. Homes for children :

We have plans of homes for the street children. They are one target group of any mafias in the society. They are misused, exploited and killed. In Bihar, it is high. Even the own mother sells their kids for money. They are given as sacrifice to please their pagan Gods. Most of the children are not going to schools. So it is our vision to uplift them and make them better citizens and leaders of the nation.

6. Charity Work

We distribute cloths and other basic needs to the down-trodden in the society. We help people in educational needs, marriage and also for the medical treatments. We conduct medical camps, tuition classes and other counseling.

7. Training for pastors

It's our focus to teach and give training to the leaders of the church in evangelism and discipleship. We give extensive training in this area. We conduct seminars and classes for empowerment of the leaders.

We have plans to start a bible school.

8. Counseling for families and youth

We believe that families are core establishment of God in any society. That's where we are being trained first. When a family is build on the strong values, it reflects on the society, the society becomes stronger and when the society is stronger, then the nation becomes even stronger and greater.

Families fall apart and youth are being misguided. We believe, we need to get involved in this area. So we conduct seminars and counseling for the families and youth.

Once they are rooted in strong word of God, they will be a blessing both to themselves and to the nation.