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South Indian Ministries


Pastors of Set Free Churches India:

Pr.Saji Philip is the Secretary of Setfree churches India.He coordinates South Indian region work along with his other responsibilities.He is married to Ms.Shyla with two children.

Pr.Sajan George was born and bought up to a Christian family nevertheless I was saved by Jesus Christ on 13th April 1979 at a VBS program. Then I was Baptised in the year 1984. After my baptism I had decided to give my life and serve Lord all my life. So I went to Mount Zion bible college in Mulkuzha. I studied there from the year 1985-87 once I completed my bible study I was in charge of many churches in difference places. In the year 1991, I got married to Ms.Rainu and God gifted us with three kids - Kiran, Keziah and Kripa.

Pr.Johny K K was born and bought up in the Catholic background. He completed his SSLC, after that started working as an auto Driver for couple of years.We were ten members in my family. I had seven sisters and myself out of my seven sisters my sixth sister had received Christ and used to tell me the gospel but I never cared about it. Once when I was in the house of my 5th sister. One day when I came back from work I saw my sister had taken poison and was lying on the ground. I rushed her to the hospital many doctors gave up and they said to pray and god will do the rest. At that moment I sat in a corner of the hospital and I started praying to Jesus. I suddenly remembered the death of Lazures and how Jesus gave him life again. So I told Jesus in my mind that if you give life again to my sister I will leave all my old and sinfull life and turn to you and follow Christ all my life. At that point of time, on 31st December, 1991 I received Christ as my personal Lord and savior. My sister was also given life again. I received baptism on January 1st, 1992. In the year 1997 I got married to Mini. God blessed us with two children, they both are students now. In the year 2003 I went to bible college (Bethlehem Christian educational Centre at Karuvatta) till the year 2005. After I completed my bible studies I was in charge of many churches in difference place. At present I am a pastor of a church at Attupuram in Ernakulam. Keep us in your prayers.

State of KERALA :

Districts : 14

Town : 98

Villages : 1553

Area : 1,62,968 Km

Capital : Thiruvananthapuram

Population : 3,33,87,677

Please pray for Kerala :

1.Pray for the revival and spiritual awakening of the Churches.

2.Pray for the deliverance of people from the bondage of the religion.

3.Pray for the doors of evangelism to be opened for Evangelists

4.Pray for the State of Kerala be free from the strong holds of the devil,especially from idol worship.