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Bihar is situated in the eastern part of India. It is land-locked on all sides. Bihar is located between the sub-humid Uttar Pradesh in the west and the humid West Bengal in the east. It is bordered by Nepal in the north and Jharkhand in the south. River Ganges flows west to east through the middle of the state, dividing the Bihar plain into two unequal halves. Some quick facts about Bihar are given below:

Location of Bihar at a Glance: 

  • Total Area
  • : 94,163.00 square kilometer
  • Maximum Temperature
  • : 40-450 C
  • Minimum Temperature
  • : 5-100 C
  • Average Annual Rainfall
  • : 1,205 millimeter
  • Capital
  • : Patna
  • Population
  • : 82,878,796
  • Below age of 25
  • : 58%
  • Lives in villages
  • : close to 85%
  • Languages
  • : Hindi, Magahi, Maithili, Angika and Bhojpuri
  • Religions
  • : Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Sikhism
  • Literacy
  • : 3,16,75,607
  • Urban Area
  • : 1,095.49 square kilometer
  • Rural Area
  • : 92,257.51 square kilometer
  • Height above Sea-Level
  • : 173 feet
  • Administrative Divisions
  • : 9
  • Districts
  • : 38
  • Sub-Divisions
  • : 101
  • Number of Panchayats
  • : 8,471
  • Number of Revenue Villages
  • : 45,103
  • Number of Towns
  • : 130
  • Number of Police Stations
  • : 853

    This land is already ripe for the harvest. As our main focus is in the state of Bihar, as many of you know , it is the most backward community in whole of India, barren land, still practicing some unimaginable customs. Illiterate villagers are innocent but exploited and misused by the majority. They are forced to do many things which are unexplainable.

    We would like to reach them with the love of God as they are also our Lord's beloved. They need Jesus for a freedom in life. We use different Medias like, Films, Open air meetings, Personal evangelism, Literature, and all the available resources. We also distribute basic requirement like food, clothes and other needs
    We conduct cottage meetings at different houses and share gospels and give them follow-ups and later invite them for the church services and equip them for the work of the Lord.

    We also give training to the believers in evangelism and discipleship, so they can continue the Great Commission of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Our Goal is to set the captives free as our Lord said in John 8:36 "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed".

    Ministry in Uttar Pradesh :

    Districts : 75

    Town : 915

    Villages : 1,07,753

    Area : 2,43,286 Km

    Capital : Lucknow

    Population : 19,98,12,341

    Pls pray for Uttar Pradesh :

    1. Pray for an end to religion and cast related violence in the state.

    2. Pray for a God willing Governance to take hold of the state.

    3. The doors of evangelism to be opened for Evangelists.

    4. Pray for the stoppage of Christian persecution all over the state of UP.

    5. Pray for the Missionary work that is going on in the UttarPradesh,God to bless them abundantly to reach out to gentiles.

    6. Against all the strongholds that block the Truth being spread all over Uttar Pradesh.


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