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Financial help for eligible child on  education purpose

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It is very exciting that people glorify God

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It is indeed unexplainable moment when you give and the receiver is happy. 


Our President

Brought up in a Christian family in Kerala, India, led a sinful life without Christ till 1984. In 1998 I left my job of British High Commission in obedience to the heavenly call to serve the King of kings and Lord of lords. I did not understand the power or the seriousness of the word “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” until I underwent a one-week training program for the royal visit of “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth" and later Princess Anne to India. How to bow down/salute, communicate or shake hands with a King or Queen on this earth were seriously taught. Though fearing an earthly queen was part of my job, it put a striking question mark in my heart which taught me the need for all creatures to bow down fearfully, respectfully before the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God who is the Maker (Ps.95:6), especially by the chosen generation, the royal priesthood that we are. If there is a mistake in salutation, according the royal methods of rules, it is punishable. How much more should we fear the almighty, incomparable and incorruptible God because our GOD is THE KING of kings and LORD of lords!!   His wife Mrs.Jolly Monachen is Principal of "LITTLE KINGDOM" school which a inseparable part of this project of Set Free Churches India in Delhi villages.  

Saji cropd

Our Secretary

Was born and bought up in a Christian family. Faced numerous problems and disasters from childhood. During his education time got involved into student politics and spent many years in politics. Spoilt his education and messed up with personal life. In 1994, while working in Thodupuzha (Kerala) happened to attend a gospel meeting and realized that he is a sinner  on the same day received Christ as his Lord and savior. He had a desire to serve the Lord soon resigned his job and joined ‘India Campus Crusade for Christ’ and the very next year 1995 received water baptism. Married with Shyla in1998 and God blessed them with two daughters Hannah and Feba. Got the opportunity to complete BD from INA University Velloor. Pasturing  in Thrissur. His desire is to serve the Lord and society wherever God sends at all his life.