Jesus said "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" John 8:36

we are

A religious charitable organization

We are privileged to serve the nation as a non profitable organization since 2012.

Our Vision

Teaching the right, leading them to a safe destination and feeding the starving are our motto. Preaching promises will not solve these issues instead need to strengthen the weaker people instantly. Therefore SETFREECHURCHESINDIA spread the good news of Jesus Christ and do good to the fellow citizens through charity service.

Our mission

All are equal in the sight of God and have the freedom to select and live according to their choice .Our efforts and utmost desire is to give basic education and information to people that they are free to decide on  their faith, eating & drinking and living. It is very unfortunate that still there are people in our own land without having basic needs (Food,cloths and shelter).It is therefore expedient to stretch out our support for those needy  financially for shelter, cloths and food. 

cloths for poor

Bread ,butter and shelter is essential when we talk about goodness. Cloth is very important when calamities occur.

learning children
school for poor

We promote education because Illiteracy is a big concern in many places.


Water for thirsty

Jesus Said "Whosoever  drink the water  which I give will never thirsty again"Physical water and spiritual water we give